Lang Pre Prep AAU Program

It is the mission of the Lang Prep AAU program to have a lifelong positive impact on todays youth. Implementing basketball with Life`s onward journey. We want to continue to educate and empower while developing personal growth of our players. Establish a healthy and safe environment where young athletes can grow confidence in themselves so there athletic abilities can elevate.
Our program is designed for growth and opportunity. We challenge young individuals to grow while implementing values of Sportsmanship in a competitive environment to form a team. Developing leaders to use their competitive drive as a vehicle in daily activities of life to always get to where one desires.
Opportunity to learn from Professional coaches who truly care about the youth, and assist in helping highly skilled athletes to be seen by coaches and obtain scholarships.
We focus on aspects of development for our student athletes:

  • :Mental Confidence and Desire
  • :Character Sportsmanship and Respect
  • :Physical Strength and Conditioning
  • :Performance Athletically and Academically

This is a 2-5 week developmental program that resembles the life of a student-athlete at a University. Based in Springdale Arkansas, at Next Level Sporting Facility.
Our student athletes will have the opportunity to compete in high level AAU Showcase tournaments on the weekend to maximize there exposure. They travel as a team staying in 3-4 different states during there stay. They will also have the opportunity to join our Prep School for the school year to continue development. Or helped to find high schools to enrol in.
Our International Student Athletes will be able to experience the reality of American basketball. To grow and adapt to the game speed and work ethic of athletes.
Group training, Team Pratice, Skill work, Yoga Relax, Recovery time, Fun time Housing where a Coach will be sleeping also every night for parents to contact if needed. 3 meals a Day, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Transportation, Hotel and Road Travel , Uniforms, Laundry. Please Bring: Basketball Shoes , Basketball Gear And Summer wear for comfort.

Flights: July 14-15 Arrival – Tulsa International Airport in Oklahoma.
All athletes will be picked up at the airport and escorted to Springdale, Arkansas
back for Departure Depends on how many weeks you booked for Camp.